AMFm Key Learnings (November 2013)

In 2012-2013 Ian Boulton was the project consultant for the Roll Back Malaria Affordable Medicines for malaria (AMFm) Task Force. A key deliverable from the work of the Task Force was a Key Learnings Summary. This was authored by Ian. It aims to inform malaria programme managers and d
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The future of the Affordable Medicines Facility – malaria (AMFm) (December 2012)

At the end of 2012, Ian Boulton was asked to present his views on the results of the Affordable Medicines Facility – malaria (AMFm) at the 11th Assises Panafricaines de Lutte Contre le Paludisme (11th Pan-African National Malaria Control Programmes Meeting), sponsored and organi
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RBM AMFM Landscape Paper (May 2012)

The Affordable Medicines Facility – malaria (AMFm) was an initiative piloted in Africa. Its main objective was to increase access to Quality Assured Artemisinin-containing Combination Treatments (QAACTs) through a co-payment mechanism. The co-payment was intended to reduce the end-use
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